About Us

Eosos was founded by Ron Paans because of his passion for the Television, Media and Telecommunications (“TMT”) industry and because he feels that bringing people together makes everyone stronger. Eosos is now a team of people who share that passion and view.

Having spent decades working in the industry ourselves, we want to share our experience coupled with our passion to a wider group of people and companies.

We all know that the TMT sector is facing unprecedented challenges and is in need of rapid change to continue to stay relevant and meet customer expectations. We are best positioned to support you along this journey as we’ve been there and done it ourselves in multiple environments. And what we bring besides a lot of experience is an approach that encompasses all aspects of service delivery with a proactive approach of design service excellence throughout the value chain and life cycle. From strategy through to execution and always keeping the human experience at the forefront of our thinking. Whether that’s the experience you wish to deliver to your customer or the experience you are providing for your employees.

Over the years we’ve built an extensive network of industry subject matter experts and have brought those along with us (our Associates). This allows us to bring expert insights on projects we work on that we may not have ourselves. It also allows us to work far more flexible and cost effective to our customers whilst still being able to bring the best of the best to the mix.